Why join ATTWON

  • Networking opportunities for travel journalists and travel publicists including one-on-one marketplace meet-ups at meetings and conventions
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Regular meetings throughout the year and our Annual Convention designed to introduce members to new destinations around the world
  • A listing in our member directory, used by media and visitor bureaus to locate the top professionals in the travel and travel writing industries
  • Member publications, including the Nigerian Traveller and our E-news, filled with information on new contacts, markets, research trips, and story queries
  • Writing and photography competitions recognizing professional work
  • Inclusion into the ATTWON media database which is used to match media inquiries with  member experts on topics and destinations
  • Opportunity to list your blog link on the ATTWON website

How to Join SATW

When you apply for membership to ATTWON, you become part of a Council (Freelance, Editors, or Associates), based on your role in the industry, and part of a Chapter, based on your geographical location (Lagos & South-West, North, Atlantic, East, and Diaspora). Applicants must either reside in Nigeria or be of Nigerian origin or have their work published primarily through Nigerian media.

Step 1: Determine your type of membership.

  • Freelance – You are a travel journalist who receives payment for the content you produce in published outlets, and you reach a significant audience. All fees are in Naira or equivalent.
    • Application fee is N10,000
    • New Member fee is N15,000
    • Annual dues are N30,000
  • Editor – You work primarily either as an Editor of travel media, own a website, or are a salaried editor or staff writer. All fees are in Naira or equiavalent.
    • Application fee is N10,000
    • New Member fee is N15,000
    • Annual dues are N30,000
  • Associate – You are a publicist or public relations representative in the travel industry. All fees are in Naira or equivalent.
    • Application fee is N25,000
    • New Member fee is N35,000
    • Annual dues are N50,000

Step 2: Apply.

  • Fill out application form
  • Sign Code of Ethics at end of form
  • Submit application fee and new member fee
  • Wait to hear from the membership coordinator, who will verify your application and may request more information
  • Upon acceptance into ATTWON, pay membership dues

To read through the review process your application goes through, click the link below to apply in your membership category.

Freelance Editor Associate